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Frequently Asked Questions

H&E (sets) 50
Rings Slides (pcs) 200
Underwire (pcs) 100
Bows (pcs) 50
Bones (pcs) 100
Hook Fittings (G) 50
Eye Fittings (G) 50
TPU (G)  50
Ribbons (M)  50

Sri Lanka

We do not use any hazardous material that is harmful to the skin or environment

We will share the Spectral reading as well as an image of the bulk order if required to ensure that the color is accurate and correct as per your order (Pls refer our terms and conditions)

The color system we follow is PANTONE ® PANTONE FASHION ®, HOME + INTERIORS Color system (A component of the PANTONE Textile Color System (Product ID: PANFHIC100A))

We can provide the full color spectrum available in PANTONE ® PANTONE FASHION ®, HOME + INTERIORS Color system (Product ID: PANFHIC100A)

Complying to global standards, all dye and auxilaries comply to Oeko-Tex , ZDSC MRSL. learn more

Color assesment is carried out using the Data color 600 software to digitally measure and asses the color.

The cumulative of the Production leadtime + transit leadtime (7 - 14) is the length of time to receive your order.

Shipments are done by courier through DHL

Shipping charges are calculated according to Weight , Country & Postal code

The FOB port is Colombo, Sri lanka

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We use the acid dyeing method

The most recommended way to attach the hook and eye is by stitching

Yes. Customization is possible. Do check with us for your requirement using our ‘Contact Us’ page.

These products can withstand over 25 wash cycles

In Softseal products, the ultrasonic seals are covered by a soft fabric, ensuring lasting comfort.

For lasting durability, at SoftSeal we use Polyester core-spun thread for the products.

+/-1mm for all sizes up to 57mm width, +/-2mm all sizes above 57mm (for all dimensions)

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We make sure extra care is taken during the delivery of all our products. It is most unlikely any damage to goods will occur.

These products are customizable. However the relevant mold cost and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) will apply. For further inquiries, please contact our sales team.

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